Happy 4th of July

Summertime is an excellent time to stock up on beach, river, or lake reading.  I don’t know about you but I read everything from the lightest comedy to gut-wrenching explorations of the human condition. Add The Bruges Tapestry to your summer reading list.  If you like historical fiction, sign up for the various Facebook groups that follow historical novels.

Keep cool and wear sunscreen as Baz Luhrmann said.

University of Iowa’s Summer Writing Festival is On Again

Don’t know if you noticed but the Univ. of Iowa is hosting their Summer Writing Festival again.  This is a lovely campus where writers are treated like royalty while they visit for their summer session.  It’s a bucolic place where one can rent a bike, stay in a B&B, learn writing tools and dine with authors.

Sound like fun? It is. It’s a student experience without the pain.  If you know of a wonderful writing festival, keep us informed.  Not everyone can make a trek to Iowa.

What Hight School Reunion Will You Have in 2014?

Hi All,

I just discovered that my high school, Alleman, in Rock Island, Illinois, is hosting our 45th reunion this year. What a thought! Forty-five years have gone by in a flash.

What, dear readers, have you thought about when a reunion looms? Your weight? Hair color?

I think about the things you can’t see, like peace, compassion, experience, curiosity and passion. I wonder how many others at the reunion will be interested in revealing what they have learned on the inside, instead of what their accomplishments look like on the outside.

I look forward to hearing from classmates about their life adventures, including accomplishments, but not only those. I want to hear about the journey between their two ears.

Happy Reading.


Hope you received books for Christmas

Hi All,

I hope you received some great reading material for your holiday gifts.  Let readers know what kind of historical mysteries you are finding.  For excellent book reviews of historical fiction go to www.hfvirtualbooktours.com.

Merry December and Welcome Followers of Spirited Woman

Welcome to December.  I’m grateful that on December 3rd the Spirited Woman directory will begin to feature 10 days of posts pertaining to spirited women and their creativity.  If you are visiting this site because you saw my post at Spirited Woman on Pinterest, welcome.

This site is about one particular historical mystery.  If you are visiting you love history or mystery or textiles and so do I.  Tell me about historical novels you love or stories you think should be told.  My emphasis is on textiles, because they are fabulous and fascinating and were often the work of women but devalued to the state of “craft” rather than “art”.  Let’s change that and celebrate these art forms.

Have a calm holiday season.  Feet up, teacup at hand and fireplace blazing.


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