About The Bruges Tapestry

Uncovering a 500-year-old mystery surrounding a Flemish tapestry is routine work for Claire DeMaer, since she’s a detective with the Newport Beach Art Theft Detail. But, unlike past cases, this one involves arresting Paolo Campezzi, lover to her best friend Nora Fitzsimmons. Campezzi is a distant descendant of a Florentine Duke, who commissioned the tapestry in 1520 in Bruges, Belgium.

Claire must explore the true provenance of the tapestry, free Mr. Campezzi to re-establish her friendship with Nora, and rely on the expertise of a textile expert she doesn’t know. And all of this must happen in the next 72 hours, before the Vatican takes back the tapestry.

Fortunately Claire meets Dr. Mark Davies, a tapestry expert in Laguna Beach. Unfortunately, Claire has stolen the tapestry from the evidence room and has only 3 days to return it before a Vatican attorney arrives. So Claire and Davies work diligently — until a natural disaster disrupts their 3-day vigil.

Interspersed between the chapters devoted to Claire and Davies’ discoveries, the history of the tapestry, through the diary of the weaver’s daughter, Beatrice, is revealed — uncovering the shocking history involving the Roman Catholic Church. Once the two stories converge, Claire’s partner, Detective Grey, reveals how the Church’s betrayal has gone unchanged for 500 years.

In these joined tales art, love, betrayal, revenge, resentment and renewal are woven together, as in the warp and weft of the tapestry itself.

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