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When a sixteenth-century Flemish tapestry appears in the house of Paolo Campezzi – a wealthy Italian in present-day Newport Beach, California – his interior designer and lover, Nora Fitzsimmons, is thrilled to hang it among his other treasures. But her best friend, Detective Claire DeMaer, is horrified to learn that the tapestry is a stolen work of art, and that she must arrest her friend’s lover.

Soon Detective De Maer discovers this is the second time the tapestry has been stolen, and the first theft was committed nearly 500 years ago! DeMaer sets off to unravel the mystery of the tapestry: a story involving a young girl in 1520 and a 500-year cover-up by the Catholic Church. Only Clair DeMaer can discover the secret that is woven in time!

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